Thursday, December 25, 2008

2nd pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Ummi Blues

Tuesday, 14-Oct-2008 02:22
2nd pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Ummi Blues

Bercerita mengenai 2nd pregnancy, Ummi masih belum membuat sebarang check-up. Basically, the only evident telling me that I’m pregnant is the UPT strip, not prove by any Medical Officer.. yet.
Walid promised to bring us (ummi for the check up and Zahra for 18 months vaccination) by this weekend. Apa pun, kita tunggu apa kata Doktor.

I’m still BFing Zahra. In fact, I’m still pumping for her daily supply in the Taska. However, I manage to get maximum 5oz per day. Tak banyak dah dapat but ok la, ada daripada tiada. I read in the net that BFing during pregnancy can still be proceed with condition that the mother eat wells and still gaining weight. Hehehe.. seronok pulak baca statement tu, seperti ‘mendapat lesen untuk makan’.. ekekek..

Dan semenjak preggy ini, I’m quite sensitive. Bukan la sensitif tak kena tempat cam sikit-sikit nak nangis tu.. but selalu rasa sayu especially when looking at Zahra face. Erm, dah besar dah dia, dah nk jadi kakak dah.. Rasa macam tak puas lagi nak manja-manja dengan Zahra.. Apa pun, she will always be my baby!!!

And to assist me with my journey on BFing while pregnant and having new member in the family, I have bought some books from the net:
1) Adventures in Tandem Nursing: Breastfeeding During Pregnancy and Beyond
2) Michele: The Nursing Toddler - A Story about Sharing Love
3) From One Child to Two

Semoga perjalanan penyusuan badan dan persediaan mendapat baby baru ini berjalan lancar.. Amin..

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