Khamis, 25 Disember 2008


Monday, 24-Nov-2008 01:55

I discharged from the hospital on 22nd afternoon. Gembira sangat sebab malam tu bole la tengok Sehati Berdansa.. heheheheh..

Dr gave me 2 weeks MC, which I have to come and see her for follow-up on the other week - She wanted to check whether I have to reDnC or else..

Staying at home is heaven.. Syok banget.. Dan yang best nyer, I received a parcel.. Yeay, my wrap finally arrived..

Wrap ni actually was bought for the new baby. I tried to baby-wear Zahra. nampak gaya dia tak minat - ketakutan sampai menangis-nangis.. tak faham Umi dibuatnya..



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