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Fascinating infos regarding breastfeeding

Wednesday, 10-Dec-2008 09:04
Fascinating infos regarding breastfeeding

Interesting facts that I wanna share with people who read my FP - Taken from The Breastfeeding Mother’s Guide to Making More Milk

Expressing milk before baby is born
Sue Cox, a midwife and lactation consultant in Australia, recommends an old method that seems to help getting your milk supply off to a good start: removing colostrums during late pregnancy. This method has not been validated scientifically, but at least it can provide colostrum for any supplementation that’s needed. Concern is occasionally voiced that prenatal milk expression could stimulate labor prematurely, but there is no research supporting this, and in fact, women have safely nursed during pregnancy throughout time. However, stop if you have any unusually strong contractions.

When Milk seems to Dry Up Overnight
Everything seems to be working until one day the milk seems to start disappearing. The most likely explanation is inadequate development of prolactin receptors due to chronic infrequent feeding; once prolactin levels has dropped, the existing receptors cannot sustain the earlier production level. Milk supply mat rebound with renewed stimulation, but other times it is difficult to resurrect. Feeding more often, possibly coupled with the addition of galactogogue is usually the best strategy for turning things around.

Its belief that drinking more water makes more milk, which is just as wrong; in fact drinking too much water can actually decrease milk production rather than increase it. The body’s reaction to excessive water intake (well beyond thirst) is to dump the excess fluid through the urine in order to maintain the proper electrolyte balance. Water is diverted away from the breast, and lower milk volume can result. The best advice is to drink to thirst.


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