Khamis, 25 Disember 2008


Wednesday, 25-Jun-2008 12:00
Fulltime Working Ummi

How I wish i'm a SAHM or WAHM..

Entry ini ditulis sempena pemilihan taraf pencen..
56 atau 58..
rata-rata di ofis ni memilih 58..
surprisingly, kat seksyen kawalan mutu air ni aku je yg memilih untuk berpencen 56 tahun..
in fact kalo ada choice for berpencen 40 tahun, i'll tick that..

to be frank..
i like being what i'm today..
maksud - being a microbiologist..
cita-cita tu, sejak dr tingkatan lima..
but being a microbiologist is working in a lab, not in the office.. duh!!
i miss bacteria, fungi, protozoan, bla..bla..
do have my own microscope.. but since lama sgt tak guna and not properly taking care of, so lense dia dh contaminated with fungi..
call me freak then.. heheh.. can't help.. to obsess with this tiny little world..
ingat lagi zaman Uni dulu, since duduk bilik sorang i have an aquarium full of fishes, complete with oxigen and so on.. the fishs were used for my final thesis.. killed one by one.. .. then, budak bilik sebelah dok tanya.. kenapa ada bunyi cm bubbles dlm bilik kak.. heheheh...

but know, i'm too obsess with being mat's wifey, zahra, home..

and today my birthday..
29 years old..
walid kiss my forehead, first thing in the morning..
my resolution.. as usual.. to be muslimah yg taat, isteri yang solehah.. AND
to have another baby before reaching 30 nx year..
erm, so walid.. apa lagi..



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