Khamis, 25 Disember 2008

Kegilaan yang MELAMPAU!

Thursday, 17-Jul-2008 01:50
Kegilaan yang MELAMPAU!

my brand new breastpump

Clearly stated: Hobi Ummi (part uno) adalah mengumpul breastpumps.
Some people go for gadjet like PDA, iPod, HP but me chose BP.
I dont know why but really addicted to have pump yang canggih manggih ini.
Recently, I bought Ameda Purely Yours for one of my cyber friend. She just wanted the pump set, however I bought the backpack set, as wanna keep the other assessory for my own use. I bought this Ameda in Ebay. While browsing for her pump, I also searched for the Medela Freestyle. Just intended on surveying. This FS do advertised in Ebay but to get the pump you have to bid. Highest bidder won the FS. As my tangan always gatal, I bidded. But bear in mind that I might not be the winner as I bidded with such a bargain price.
People had warned me that bidding in Ebay can really be addicted and if you're not planning on buying the items, do not bid more than twice. Well, I guessed, people might have learnt their lesson, if not they may not have said such. And, gambling is forbidden in Islam- reason you might get broke or papa kedana. Then, I have to admit I loss USD350 for a Medela Freestyle. Yup, for my third time bidding attempted, I won.

Tak tahu nak gelak atau nak nangis..
I love to have the pump but I'm still happy with my Ameda Lactaline Backpack set.
Walid said it depends on me, either i wanna let it go (the medela or the ameda) or keep both.
Well, after hard time on making a decision, I chose keeping both...

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  1. Walid is right, the choice is yours which to keep for yourself as per your comfort and convenience. You made the right choice of keeping both.
    One Breast pump will be for your back up when the other gives trouble. Because that scene can happen.