Khamis, 25 Disember 2008

Kisah Ameda

Monday, 11-Aug-2008 01:38
Kisah Ameda

Officially announce that The Ameda Lactaline Backpack telah pun ditukar hak milik.
Yup, I sold it to Wan (Forumers who really really really in need to have the pump.

Sold at RM750.00, the set consists of:
- Ameda Lactaline Pump set with 3-pin adapter
- Extra flanges for double pumping (made by PP)
- Cool Ameda Backpack
- Tote bag with 3 pieces ice pack
- Manual pump converter
- Car adapter
- Extra spareparts (4 valves, 3 inner membranes and a set of tubings)
- 6 pieces of Ameda 4oz bottles (2 made by PP and 4 made by PC)

Hope she'll happy with the pump and will taking good care of it as I did.


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