Khamis, 25 Disember 2008

Menukar yang baru kepada yang lebih baru..

Friday, 18-Jul-2008 06:53
Menukar yang baru kepada yang lebih baru..

"Saya masih tertanya-tanya lagi.. Macamanalah kita boleh terfikir nak jual peti ais dan washing machine tu?"

Itulah statement yang keluar dari mulut Walid on our back from Jentex Electronic Sdn Bhd yesterday afternoon.
Yup, for info, both of us, like been possessed have come out with an idea of replacing the good-condition-and-well-operated wash machine and refrigerator. The idea just popped out. Stricked like a tunder. And Ummi, as always, being the very excited one, quickly made an advertisement in the MOH bulletine board saying that we letting go our good-condition-and-well-operated wash machine and refrigerator, and early Monday morning, my phone rang like the harga saham going extremely up and by 10 am, all the things sold out (fuhh.. panjang nye ayat ni.. heheh). Well, I didn't at all expected that people will interested to buy the items that i advertised.
Anyway, since things happen like very the sudden, we don't have much time to jalan-jalan looking and survey for the new ref and wash mac. But we do went to Seng Heng, SenQ, Best Denki and K4. Rata-rata, price of item is just lebih kurang but later I found out from the net that Jentex Elec got this very temptation promotion for ref and wash mac which less like RM400 comparing to if we buy the items seperately at SenHeng or SenQ.
So, on Wednesday, we took one day off, rushed to Sea Park, PJ and immediately bought the items.


Here we are now. With two new things in the house -
Refrigerator: from 260L to 480L & Washing Machine: from top loading 5kg to front loading 7kg.

Well Walid, I think I'll wash our laundry on Sunday.
Still have to figure out how to operate the front load wash machine...



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