Khamis, 25 Disember 2008

Satu peristiwa di petang Sabtu

Sunday, 13-Jul-2008 05:53
Satu peristiwa di petang Sabtu

Petang Sabtu.
We just stayed at home.
Walid watched tv while Ummi at her working station, sewed. Nak mengabiskan sisa baki kain yang belum berjahit. And Zahra although being in the same room with Ummi, busying doing her stuff, that is as usual, memunggah.
Suddenly Zahra screamed. Loud, to the max. Ummi panicked. An iron just felt on Zahra leg. To Ummi surprised, iron was cool. Not hot at all, not even been use. But why she screamed and cried like somebody has hit her..
So, come the pujuk-pujuk moment. Q and A with Walid, milked Zahra and with weap she went to sleep. Ummi continued sewing, like nothing happen.
Later, Zahra woke up, smile as usual, and showed me something. Her toe.
Ya Allah, Zahra.. Padanla awak nangis cm kena pukul..


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