Khamis, 25 Disember 2008

SHE has landed

Sunday, 12-Oct-2008 01:13
SHE has landed

Who she?
My ‘madu’.
Yup.. Zahra new stepmother.. Heheh..
Well, she’s the new bicycle, been adored by Walid ever since..

Interesting facts about the bike:
1. Walid actually learnt (step by step) on how to buy things in Ebay, how to bid and how to pay from this-master-of-buying-things-online-especially-in-Ebay, that is ME (hehehheheheh)..
2. Walid complaint that he’s been outbid, outbid and outbid until he finally has to click the Buy It Now button in order to get the items (Ummi remark: Yeke? Macam tak percaya jer.. ramai beno nk kan barang tu.. ish ???)
3. All parts that been bought has been addressed to our home which Walid has to like going to and fro to the post office to claim the arrived items. Ummi was at home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and yet when the item arrived on Tuesday, he still have to claim it at the post office due to Ummi heard none door bell.
4. The last parts of the Bike arrived on last Thursday, which Walid has to claim it at the Custom Office and have to pay RM100 for the tax.
5. This is Walid second bike. His first bike which cost RM1.5k has been sold to one of his buddy. Walid said that he learnt this from Ummi (due to my hobby yg suka sangat la tukar-tukar breastpump).
6. This bike is custom-made by Walid and cost like RM4k.

So, due to the obstacles to own the bike, Walid officially announced that SHE has becomes his second wife. Ummi tak kisah pun, Ummi tak jeles. In fact, this type of hobby is far more better than hobi memancing. Imagine if he has to leave me and Zahra going to precious lubuk menangkap ikan.. ewww..


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