Ahad, 28 Disember 2008

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Here we go:

Do you think you’re hot ?

Hot temper ke? Sometimes masa dolu-dolu kuat jugak naik angin.. heheheh

Upload your favorite picture of you!

Why do you like that picture?

My latest picture at the hospital after kena IV-drip..

When was the last time you ate pizza ?

20 Disember 2008 - Lepas balik dr Babywearing gathering weol singgah kat Domino's Pizza

The last song you listen to?

Ubat Hati - ada 5 perkara nya..

What are you doing right now besides this ?

Pumping for the drain

What name would you prefer besides yours?

People call me An, Neeza, Zaity, Ty, Zha and Dedek - so I had enough of names

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