Khamis, 25 Disember 2008

Zahra progressed at one and a half year

Wednesday, 22-Oct-2008 06:43
Zahra progressed at one and a half year

I seldom record anything on Zahra progressed, just acknowledged that she started to walk at the age of 11 months. Not that I couldn’t careless but thinking that if I did this to Zahra and not to the others siblings, macam unfair pulak.. heheheh..

But this things I couldn’t help to notice: Zahra dah tak nak makan bersuap, she want to feed herself. Tak kira apa jenis makanan sekali pun, dia nak makan sendiri. Minum pun dah tak nak dalam botol, preferred to be feed in the cup instead.

Makin hari makin besar dah baby Ummi ni.

Tapi satu je, still yelled bila nak kan sesuatu. The only word that she can speak is byebye.. ermmm..



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