Sabtu, 17 Januari 2009

A visit to the Zoo

Zoo Negara Malaysia, Ampang.
Entrance Fee: RM15 for adult, FOC for little Zahra

Umi memang dah lama nak bawa Zahra ke Zoo. We have planned to go to Zoo Melaka, then Zoo Taiping, but asik tak jadi jer. So, yesterday I requested again to Walid to bring Zahra to the Zoo – hujung minggu ni tak sibuk – tak balik kampong and such, so better plan for something good rather than just sit at home watching TV.

These are some of our photo taken at the zoo:




At the aquarium

With Wizard the pony

Us and pony

Us and the phyton - God knows how Umi felt

Zahra behave very good – lepas pakai kasut terus tak nak duk dalam stroller – nak jalan –kita nak dukong pun tak kasi.

We spent like 2h in the zoo. Seronok sangat – especially when seeing Zahra enjoying her trip to the zoo. Lepas ni, bole kita gi Aquaria and Bird Park pulak, kan Walid. ;-)

*Cinta hati Umi*


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