Friday, February 6, 2009

Another parcel arrived

Yeay.. Again I’m happy – with the things that I bought (not a gift, obviously).

This time around, I bought a ringsling – yup another baby gadget.. heheheh.

This is my first attempt with ringsling. Never had one before. Since my model is not around –Zahra ikut grandma and grandpa dia balik Ipoh - so, I’ll be snapping some picture with her somewhere nextweek.
But these are the photos of the seller with her baby with the exact ringsling:

Btw, this is locally made ringsling. Bought at the Jumpsac Ring Slings.

So, now, I can consider that I have complete carriers collection:
2 wraps – Moby and Ellaroo
1 pouch – Hotslings
1 ringsling – Jumpsac
And another SSC coming on the way – will be receiving it another a week or more.

Enuff is enuff.. For now, I’ll guess. Heheheh…


  1. cantika la neeza.bekenan lak aku...

  2. An, ko tergoda dgn ring sling wawi ari tuh ker? ekekekek...aku yang nk beli nih pon x beli2 lagi...bile kena dukung rayyan duk pk..kalau aku dh order sure dh dapat...hmmmpphhh