Ahad, 15 Februari 2009

BirdPark, Kuala Lumpur

Taman Burung Kuala Lumpur
14 February 2009, Saturday
Entrance Fee: RM15 for adult, FOC for little Zahra

We arrived at 11.00am. The three of us were very excited. Seronok sebab last time when we went to the zoo we enjoyed very much.
The place has huge, no kidding. Penat giler berjalan, dengan hari yang sangat terik (we should be there after subuh.. heheh) - Oh, we don't bring the stroller, quite aware that the park is sort of stroller-unfriendly place, but we brought every single carrier that we have: pouch, ringslings, SSC minus the wrap. Zahra however, preferred to walk until later she becoming too exhausted, she doesnt want to walk, nor to be carried - she just want to stand still.. heheheh. And by that, we knew its already her nap time, and we left the park : just managed to spend an hour and half there.
Sampai rumah, masing-masing tidur macam ular. Ekekek..

Here's some of the photos:



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