Khamis, 12 Februari 2009

Heartrose Dusty Pink ERGO Baby Carrier

My new baby carrier: a SSC (soft suctured carrier).
Zahra dah besar (reaching 10kg), so SSC is much better than pouch or ringslings.

What is SSC?
Pack Carriers (aka Soft Structured Carriers or Backpack Baby Carriers)
Pack carriers are the most structured and supportive design of baby carrier. Inspired by hiking backpacks, they feature padded shoulder straps and stiff waist/hip belts, adjustable nylon straps, and lots of buckles. Dads love these!
Because of the structured design, and the ability to transfer a lot of the child’s weight to the hips, these are among the most comfortable carriers with even the heaviest of children.
• Ages: Newborn (with insert) through preschooler
• Weight limit: Up to 55 lbs
• Positions: Excellent for front and back carries; Can also be used for hip carries.
• Options: Lots of useful accessories are available
• Brands: Ergo Baby Carrier, Beco Baby Carrier
• Structured design distributes the weight of the heaviest little ones very well
• Can be worn on the front or as a baby backpack carrier. Can also be used on the hip
• Easy to learn to use
• Fairly bulky, won’t fit in most diaper bags
• Can be used with newborns and for nursing, but not the best option out there
Best for:
Long periods of babywearing, hiking, and wearing heavy babies and toddlers.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on finding/buying the best SSC – harga dia tak murah, so before beli kena buat homework habis-habisan. And I concluded that I’ll go for Ergo: banyak komen-komen yang positif.

Dan setelah memakainya:

OK sangat. Zahra tak rasa berat langsung. Nak adjust buckles pun senang sangat. :-) (last picture tu, Zahra jerit: wanting for the camera.. heheh)

The reasons for me buying this SSC are that we loves traveling via AirAsia, and sangat la leceh nak dukung Zahra / bawak stroller dia yang gabak itu, and we’ve plan to go for a holiday at stroller-unfriendly places: so SSC would be the best choice.
Naper kaler pink? Sebab saja suka nak beli. Lagi pun, this is new pattern from Ergo. Dah alang-alang beli tu, beli la yang cantik skit. Ekekek..

By this, one of my wishlists accomplished. Hehehe..

2 ulasan:

  1. An,

    Memang amat menarik. Tak renyah yer nak memakai & membukanya?


  2. hi Liza,
    you can learn on how to wear Ergo @ U-tube. Just google: Ergo Baby Carrier by The Ergo Lady. Senang sangat.. serius! Hehehhe :-)