Khamis, 5 Februari 2009

One of the reason why I love to go to work

Coz: I'll receive parcels.. Yeay..
Parcel barang beli sendiri, bukan hadiah dari orang - tapi still gembira :-).. hahah

So, what's in the packages?

Another cloth diapers... hahahah.. aku sangat suka!
Its one size CD, berbeza dengan Coolababy - it used velcro tab.
Purposedly bought this velcro tab CDs as Zahra dah start 100% use CD even in her Taska. So, CD with velcro tab ni mesra-cikgu-taska compare to snap Coolababy.

So far, by look, i like this CD. Up to my expectation : I dont expect high - yelah ni CD cheapo. The PUL fabric is an acceptable PUL. It came with two inserts but both also quite nipis unlike Coolababy insert. Performance nanti kita tengok macamana. Kena pre-wash dulu. BTW, the CD's brand is Naughty Baby. These are the CD photos:



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