Sunday, March 1, 2009

Aktiviti malam minggu

Main boling...
Yeay, Sangat best!

Their 4 of us: Mat, me, Anip & Anisah + 2 toddlers : Zahra & Haziq.
Rancangan asal adalah from Anip, Mat's office mate.

Seems it sounds very interesting, so weol setuju la. I'm not pro in playing boling, as for Mat this is his first time playing this game. Zahra still sick, pity her, mak ayah nak berhepi, have to drag her along. So, she became very clingy - again, thanks for BW. Senang hidup kami.. ekekeke...

Thanks to Anip & Anisah for inviting us.
Bermakna malam minggu kami. :-)

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