Isnin, 9 Mac 2009

Basuh corong breastpump

Pertanyaan dari Ida: Kak Neeza basuh tak corong BP setiap kali nak guna?

Jawapan Kak Neeza:
Tidak. Sebab akak Malas.. Heheheh..
In fact, I never wash my bp flanges at office except kalo terjatuh atau terasa kesangsian akan kebersihan corong tersebut. What I did is after first use (jm 9pg), dalam keadaan yang ber-install I just put the whole thing in the big tupperware and put it in the fridge. Lucky for me to have our own fridge which tak ramai orang pakai. Then, for the last session usage (jm 4.30pm), baru la dismantle the whole thingsl. Basuh kat rumah, tak basuh kat ofis - we all tak de pantry, kena basuh dalam toilet and I afraid tertinggal any parts kat toilet nanti orang buang - so to be save, basuh je kat rumah.
However, this is my style which I am so confirm that I'm not contaminating my milk. If Ida rasa doubt on your milk hygiene, don't tiru my style. Hehehehe..

And I got this from the net:

January 26, 2009

Q & A: Washing breast-pump parts

Q: I’ve heard that you don’t have to wash breast-pump parts between sessions because breast milk kills germs. Is that true? I pump at work and not having to wash and rinse breast-pump bottles and shields during the day would save me a ton of time, not to mention potentially embarrassing run-ins in the office bathroom.

A: What you’ve heard is partly true: Human milk is naturally anti-bacterial. “Human milk is very effective at killing bacteria for about 12 hours after it leaves the breast,” says Mary Rose Tully, director of Lactation Services at North Carolina Women and Children’s Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC.

“But we don’t know what the effect is if it starts drying or is exposed to large amounts of pathogens,” she says. So you should wash breast-pump bottles and shields between sessions.

But if you don’t have time, place them unwashed in a clean plastic bag, such as a Ziploc, and store them in the refrigerator, Tully advises. But be sure to wash them thoroughly at least once a day when you get home.


Hope this help you, Ida.

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  1. An.. saje nak share.. kalo aku, ku basuh everytime lepas guna.. pastu nak guna ku lap2 sket kalo ada masih basah lagi.. sbb kat opis ku fridge rosak.. lg pon, penah skali ku lupa nak basuh.. bila nak guna ku tgk dh penuh dh semut yg halus2 tu hurung bp part aku.. hahaha.. sejak tu, lepas guna terus basuh..

  2. Ira: memang suggestible to wash ur BP.. lagi-lagi kalo environment tak sesuai untuk tidak membasuh corong BP itu.

    "Corong BP hanya OK kalo tak nak dibasuh if u put it in fridge."