Selasa, 7 April 2009

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How do I put this in word..

Ok, since ramai yang bertanya:
‘Lama tak nampak kat forum..’ … ‘Dah tutup ‘kedai’ ke?’

And its kinda rude, leaving the question hanging without answering, so here goes my explaination (or rather can be said as my lame excuse.. hehheh) -

I am retreating myself from the forum mainly becoz I found that I’m lost in it. Too much till I became addicted – and later realized that I’ve abandoned so many things by just sitting right in front of the computer surfing the net. And the most importantly I’ve started to ignore my LO – ada masa tu I felt like ‘kaco betul Zahra ni, orang nak suft net pun sibuk’ – walhal, I’ve been already hooked like more than an hour.

As for my business plak, I’m a FTWM – going out from the house at 7.30 am and coming back at 5.30 pm from Monday till Friday. Malam is the only time that I have for the family and house and at that time with the kedai as well. To be truth, I was so excited with the kedai – I kept on thinking how to expand, how to put it in higher degree, how to this.. how to that.. Until I became sick, hospitalized, Zahra was taken away, and then I started to realize money wasn’t everything. I have monthly income – we’re not poor and luxury is just an option. Keeping myself busy and neglecting the whole lot is not brilliant.
So, dear friends, I stop doing the business not because tak untung but more on to keep myself from being busy. Thanks all for supporting the kedai. :-) I believed the closing of my kedai does not give a big impact to the customer (banyak dah online store yang selling this same stuffs).

Despite of retreated from the net, I still keeping my blog. I guess I can’t really live without communicating with the world.. hehehe.. (apala ertinya netbook ini jika tidak diutilisekan.. kuikui).

And also a million thanks to peeps outside there who come and read my scribe. This is a nonprofit blog (I don't put any advert and do not wish to do so) so u may click as many time as u like.. heheheh. Sharing is caring, maa...

*cheh.. bila baca sekali lagi, macam ucapan terima oscar plak.. hahahha*

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  1. salam An, long time x contact dgn hang. Aku ada gak ditanyer kemana ko menghilang tapi aku pon tak tahu nak jwb ape, mmg lama x kontek kan (seriyes mcm ucapan oscar) Rasa x nk la kaco ko berehat etc, even missed our chit chat over the phone..

    sayang kedai tuh, sebab tau ko mmg semangat nk membuka nyer, with all the vision n mission.Tapi sebab2 yang sgt relevan. InsyaAllah ada rezeki leh start balik kan ;-)

    Hmm...tak seronok gak nk berporem kalau ada pikiran mcm ko ckp tuh atau when you started to ignore your loved ones. Seriyesly ...haha semua org pun tau aku nih menempek kat porem, tapi honestly aku jarang stay the whole one hour depan PC kalau kat umah. Just curik2 masa sikit jek. Ye lah dgn 3 kids and even an understanding hubby pun x leh la ambil kesempatan kan ;-P.

    As for the time being,aku favor forum more, so end up aku jarang update personal blog. But ye lah you cant have 'em all kan. One at a time will do I guess ;-).. lagipun joining the forum as support group for breastfeeding really works for me. Alhamdulillah.

    Nanti bila ada adik Zahra, join balik ya..

  2. Aja rindu nyer kat ko... :-).. memang rindu sangat dengan forum.. after kena kemo aku kan less active dah, than suddenly tukar hospital - agaknya petanda tu.. kat ofis sekarang mana bole forum, blog kemende - semua disekat.

    Insya Allah, if there's a bun in the oven aku join balik forum.. hehheh.. Apa-apa hal, ko tau mana nak cari aku kan.. ekekek.. ko take care yer :-)