Jumaat, 3 April 2009

Sitting wholeday in the lab, makes me thinking about..

The EnvironmenT.

In the lab, its like 90% of the works are using disposable stuffs. We use and we dump.
Work wise – hygenic, safe time – human smiling
Environment wise – the world’s crying

Oh, in the lab, there’s lot of bins.. EIEIO..
There’s yellow bin here, yellow bin there..
Yellow bin here, there, everywhere.. Yellow bin.. bin..

2 ulasan:

  1. I think medical line mmg camtuh. Never even think twice about the trash we're producing :p Tapi bila pakai disposable diapers/pads... we think lotsa times huh?

  2. Hanim, I think those yang realise (aware about the environment) je pakai reusable (CP&CD), some peeps, siap komen 'buat apa nak susah-susahkan diri'.. ada tu plak ckp 'reusable lagi bahaya - kalo tak basuh bersih bole dapat infection: selamat pakai disposable' - erm.. kesedaran is was we're lack of.. - in my humble opinion..