Isnin, 13 April 2009

Weekend Project II

Setelah peristiwa hitam last week, i been warned by DH - dilarang menjahit KECUALI Zahra dihantar ke taska atau dia tengah tidur. Uhuhuhh.. I have soo many projects lining up to be done:

3rd assignment: Nursing cover (checked)
This is my version based on the owner requested - nak ada renda and double layer.. heheheh..

I've been searching from shop to shop to buy the D-rings tapi tak jumpa (kat eBay ada but not worth la to wait for two weeks for the items to arrive) . So I've ended up beli key-chain and use velcro tab as the fastener. I think using velcro much more practical than using D-rings.

4th assignment: on hold.

5th assignment: token of appreciation :-)

Erm.. kan best kalo ada banyak masa - note to ownself: kurangkan tido tu, cik kak oiii.

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  1. kenapa aku tengok benda macam sangat chantek? ngade2 btoi owner tu... nak renda & lining bagai...