Rabu, 29 Julai 2009

Bagaimana hobi ini bermula

I loved to say it over and over again: I'm not good in this- SEWING. I'm a perfect novice but my spirit to learn to sew is indeed very high.

My first encounter with sewing machine is when I was in primary school - if I'm not mistaken, I was in standard five and was very excited to help my mum sew the curtains, and she unintentionally thought me how to put the thread, and how to control the leg pedal. Our machine was the Classic Singer without the motor. So, it really took high concentration on how to control the pedal - silap kayuh, you'll be sewing reversely. Then, in Standard Six, I joined the Craft Club which made me learn how to do the cross-stitch and such. I've cross-stitched like more that 5 different patterns. I'll take the picture later (all of it is in Ipoh).

Then in Form3, I've learnt how to sew formally. We have the Kemahiran Hidup subject and there I've learnt the different kind of hand-stitches, how to make an apron, how to make a simple shirt and also how to sew a bag. I loved this class very much. But despite of my interest in sewing, I chose to further my study in Science Stream.

However, my interest in sewing came back to me when I stayed in the rent-house, I met this lovely lad who sewn almost 80% of her wardrobe. Cantik sangat jahitan dia. She owned a sewing machine and I've start to do little project (like jahit tudung) using her machine. When I got married, I've learnt that all my sis-in-laws love to sew and my MIL was once a tailor. This gave me a path to be serious in my interest and later I bought my first ever sewing machine - the Classic Singer (but I omitted the pedal and put on the motor) and the edging machine: both in bargains price but really berbakti to me.

Very recent, I sold the Classis Singer and upgrade it to mechanical sewing machine that is the 7444 Precision.

I'm launching this site, not to menunjuk-nunjuk but to inspire myself to sew (more and more and more). :-)

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