Jumaat, 7 Ogos 2009

How do I do it discreetly in public

It here is pumping my milk.

I’ve been asked by someone:
‘Betul ke u pump in the cubicle?’
‘Orang lain tak perasan ke?’

Well, I used the pumpinpal. You can used the search button to know more about pumpinpal. Freestyle did came with the handfree kit but I never (not even once) use it.
First: I don’t like the idea – kena clip here and there.
Second: Looks very hassle – especially for me who wears baju kurung to work.
Third: I don’t wear nursing bra (to work).
Nampak sungguh payah, bukan.. (obviously, this is NOT me - pict courtesy from google image)

And yes, I pumped in the cubicle. Malasla nak ke surau / store room, and I’ll be looking like this
– sambil mengepam, I’ll be freely doing my work like typing / browsing the net. Tak expose langsung kan seperti 2 gambar di atas.. heheheh

UPDATE: ni cerita dan gambar lama. I've stopped bf Zahra at her age 1y8m due to my illness, and stopped pumping like three weeks after that. For the time being, my breastpumps has become tukun (nope, not for sale).

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  1. beb, samalah dgn aku.. malas nak klip sana sini.. jd lambat pun ye.. disebabkan sblm ni dh biasa sgt dgn spectra, jadinya ku pegang ajelah 2-2 belah tu smbl wat keje dlm bilik.. my colleague (a guy) pun x perasan ku tgh wat projek.. hehehe.. (kalo laki aku tau ni, mmg nak kene la aku! shh..)

  2. wah bagus sungguh info ini... nnt mesti dicuba

  3. wakakaka..x tahan la tgk gmbr ko tu.. erm.. sblm ni dgr dr cubicle aku jer.. x sangke rupenye cm tu..

  4. Ira, kalo pigang dia suda jadi tak freestyle.. heheheh
    Puan Punyer, heheheh
    Zerol, ekekeke.. rupanya tak la sexy mcm 2 gambo sebelum itu

  5. Sungguh HUGE your boobs LOL!!

    Which is why I just can't pump at my desk. I'd look interestingly weird enough and my boss likes to pop into my room whenever he likes and I have a loud lady colleague who laughs like a pontianak so I wouldn't want to be caught dead looking like that hahahaha!

    But I used to do this on Fridays though when my office is almost empty and I can just shut my door and not worried about my boss looking for me :). Such a breeze that many times I forgot I was pumping while surfing WWW at the same time and only remembered an hour later! LOL

  6. farah.. hahahah.. klakar la your comment.. yup, look very funny kan.. well, i pumped and faced the cubicle wall, not facing people.. and of coz, cover the boobs with tudung.. ekekek.. my boss pun suka juga terjah masuk but of coz dia tak kisah, i tak malu becoz she is she (not he).

    lucky my ofis jenis mmg sunyi sepi, dan selalu tak dok orang - the engineers love to go to site work, so bole pump macam raja.. LOL

    btw, mmg best pump depan www, especially when broswing the online-mall or chitchating in the forum.. :-)

  7. neeza nk tanya u guna pumpinpal shield gak ke?