Selasa, 25 Ogos 2009

My sewing stationeries

Well, when I sew, I love to have a complete sewing equiptments.

These are part of my sewing utensil:

Scissors and cutter– I have 3 but only use 1: the red one is my favorite. The black one has been use to cut paper (sewing patterns) hence no longer suitable to cut fabric. The green one is useless – found out that the blade was blunt from the day it was bought.

Measure – Same as other sewist, I use measurement tape and rulers.

Markers – I have 4 different types of marker: the water-washable pen, 2 colors pencil, chalks, and carbon papers. I love the chalks very much compare to others.

Magic box – what contains in this magic box is everything that essential for sewing purposes. It contains threads (of different colors), bobbins, elastic threads, piping tapes, waist tapes, ribbons, beads and spangles, needles, spare machine needles, and buttons.


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