Sabtu, 8 Ogos 2009

The dressform

or also known as the mannequin.

I take this hobby seriously, so I was so tempted to equip my work station with all the sewing stuffs.

Before I decided to buy, I’ve been calling most of the mannequin shops in Kuala Lumpur and Penang asking for the quotation of the dress form mannequin. The cheapest I can get was RM300, which is quite expensive for a cheapskate person like me. Suddenly I stumbled upon this website: and they’re selling the exact mannequin at much much cheaper price. So, without hesitate, I bought one. They have 2 different sizes for women dressform - M and L, and since I wanted to sew my own cloth, I opted for the L size.

3 ulasan:

  1. salam.. kat website mane ek awak bli mannequin tu?


  3. salam,
    i ada juga tanya kedai ni.dia kata ada satu size shaja..:(.i pun minat nk jahit baju sendiri..anyway thanks for sharing..luv your website..