Khamis, 6 Ogos 2009


of the baju kurung neck - leher baju kurung.

I've started learning to sew baju kurung when I bought the Classic Singer. Learn by seeing, is all I can say. Basically, the whole baju was very easy to sew but when it comes to the neck, I have to admit that I really had a tough time to figure out on how to sew it.

Let me show you the baju kurung neck that I've sewn.

Horrible, isn't it. But since I'm wearing hijab, I dont mind wearing the baju kurung as nobody will see the ugly neck. In fact, I'm kinda proud to myself wearing my own made baju kurung.

After I got the new machine, I resolute to learn to sew baju kurung and very much wanted it looks presentable. So, I learnt hard to sew the neck.

Habis semua kain perca dijadikan kain untuk menjahit tengkuk.

And finally,

And of course, with very much help from this book:

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  1. salam kak neeza,

    haha..tak horrible la :) buku ni lynn ada. dah beli since b4 kawen lg. tp tak khatam baca lg. asik dok tgk gambo je.