Rabu, 26 Ogos 2009

Twin needle experience

I was so eager to try the twin needle application that comes with my 7444 when I read Katie's review.

My experience using the twin needle was as same as Katie, which the twin needle’s stitches gift a very neat finish just like the t-shirt sleeves.

Well, besides straight line, the other kind of stitches also can be sewn using twin needle.

So, why don’t you try? The twin needle can be bought at Singer shop for RM7 per piece.

3 ulasan:

  1. i tak pernah guna twin needle pun. nampak mcm best. kena try ni. thanks for sharing, neeza.

  2. akak, saya tgk kat online, org jual twin needle RM16-RM20. jauhhhh beza ngan harga akak beli.huhu...pesal la singer sini tade jual plak.

  3. nad, try tgk kat web lsn pon ada jual. mebe harga waras skit kot..