Isnin, 17 Ogos 2009

Weekend project

Since Aidilfitri is just around the corner, one of my raya projects, beside making baju kurung(s) for me and my daughter, I've made the new curtains. Ngee..

Actually sewing curtains is not that hard (especially for the normal type of curtains), however since we're nor using the hook type curtains but the button curtains, so it took the whole weekend for me to sew it. However, Im very glad with the new machine as it can automatically sewn the buttons and the buttonholes (jimat masa saya).. heheheh.

So, this is the outcome:

And YES, I am indeed very satisfied with what I've sewn. :-)

4 ulasan:

  1. Hi Neeza!

    Great curtains! I am the person before you on Mama Made It's gift exchange...but I can't seem to find your e-mail address.
    Could you e-mail your address, so I can send out your pretty package soon?

  2. hi Flynn, i gave u an eml.. thanks for drop in my blog.. :-)

  3. akak nk tya..sebelah gunting 2 ape eh? tq..picture sebelah kiri atas 2..tq

  4. Anon, tu dumbbells.. pemberat supaya senang nk potong kain.. kain tu kan kain licin.. berjalan2 bila potong.. hehehe