Selasa, 29 September 2009

Replacing the old

This is the old one:

-been serving me for 2 years.

And this is the new one: Singer model 14N655.

I purposely bought the 4 threads overlock machine as it can sewn t-shirt finishing. The retail price is rm1345, but the generous seller gave me rm1200 instead. Since I have rm100 extra, I bought new table to put the machine together with my 7444.

The Butterfly is still in good condition, however the stitches are rough, which is in my opinion it looks ok if I just wanted to sew my own cloth but for selling purposes, it doesn’t look presentable.

Now, I wonder what I should do with the old machine. Whoever happen to read my blog and wanted to own the Butterfly overedge machine do drop me a line, I’ll gave it to you FOC in a condition, you come to my house and take it by yourself. :-)

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  1. wah....FOC? what if i say,I'd love to take it from your home? huhuhu...still in a good condition,right?

  2. jeesie, sorry la. a bit lambat. somebody already chop the machine. but if she cancel it, then you're nx in the q.

    btw, i've oredi bought u the cutter n mat but still in ipoh (my sister yg beli). nx week balik, i'll post it to u :-)

  3. alaa Neeza..melepas lh i..:( huhuhuhu.. it's okay then. kalau dia tak jadik amik, bgtau I,k? And thx for buying the cutter n mat. Let me know once you have those things ready. Can't wait to do my next baby quilt.;)

  4. jesse, ur stuffs is here. drop me an email @ neeza79[at]yahoo[dot]com

  5. huhuhuhu...neeza if la kan jessie xmo cik kema nak k

    do email me

  6. hi neeza,
    i hv the same model of sewing machine as yours. mesin jahit tepi je yg tak sama sb i beli yg 3 needle punya. owh,yg 4 needle tu boleh jahit doublestiching mcm t-shirt sleeve ye..alaa ruginya x beli yg mcm u, just tmbah +-Rm100 je huhu..

  7. Cik kema, Sorry la. Dah ada orang claim. Hehehe..
    Dura, yes. bole jahit coverstiches katanya but kena tukar foot. Foot tu pon rega rm120 cmtu. Hold dulu la (tunggu dpt bonus rm500).. heheh

  8. Hi Neeza,
    Am thinking of getting this machine myself. But am new to sergers/overlock machine.Slalu hantar kedai je, tapi too often so leceh..

    So, does it have these features too:
    -lettuce edging
    -hemming foot
    -ruffle effect/shirring

    I'm a self taught sew-crazy like you, so I so completely understand your passion. Keep it up!

  9. Hi mollie,
    based on the CD given, dia ckp bole jahit ruffles, jahit manik, jahit hemming but they come with different foot yang kena beli secara optional.
    the one that's provided is just the normal foot jahit lurus for overlocking, but kalo nak buat wavy effect can play with the tension button.
    hope this help :)