Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

NO.. no heartbeat..

Pregnancies are deemed successful if a heartbeat is detected.

And nope, at 7 weeks checking up, I still do not see any baby heartbeat. If you see the sonogram picture, you’ll notice only the sac, right? Yup. That is what I saw, too. No heartbeat.. YET as the Dr confidently said to me that I’m not going to see any heartbeat till 9-10 weeks, unless I am doing vaginal ultrasound – ‘Tak nampak heartbeat ke Dr?’.. ‘Belum lagi ni, baru 7 minggu. Kulit perut tebal pulak ni’. Heheheh..

I wrote this because I’ve read a blog saying that she has to undergo DnC because no heartbeat was seen at her 7 weeks of pregnancy. Weird… as that is what I would say – but of course I didn’t know the whole story behind the picture.

But believe me, if you don’t see any heartbeat at 7-8 weeks of your pregnancy, do not upset. And if the Dr did say about DnC, please go and take second opinion. Like my previous pregnancy, the 2nd gravida, we did not see any heartbeat at 9 weeks but the sac was there and the clear classical bunch-of-grapes appearance or snow-storm appearance was only seen at my 12 weeks of pregnancy (the day I have to undergo DnC). As for the 3rd gravida, where I experienced natural missed miscarriage, I did the ultrasound, but nothing was there: not even the sac. And when I did the beta-HCG blood test, the result showed a decreased level (instead of it should double for approximately every 2 days for the first four weeks of pregnancy). Beside the blood test result, I also experienced stomach cramp with a slight stain and believing my guts I know that I’m having a miscarriage.

We are going for second check-up on another 3 weeks time and I pray and hoping to see something which can makes me smile.

*thanks friends for the wish.. :-)*

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  1. Alhamdulillah..semoga semuanya ok

  2. yupp sometimes it's too early to say anything at 7 weeks.. the only way to go is transvaginal ultrasound.. hmm.. i would try to avoid it if possible hahahha

    masa my gravida 2, i had missed miscarriage at 8th weeks.. masa tu bila scan transabdo -- tak nampak sgt.. bila transvaginal, size sac about 5weeker and no heartbeat, but i have to wait for for few weeks to confirm. But being me - anxious and all, i did my beta-HCG and the results were not convincing, so i knew i might have lost the baby.. and after 3 days, it came out naturally, thank God no D&C..
    nway, never regret it, i know it happen for the best.. and alhamdulillah.. i'm blessed with 2 boys after that :)

    So, Neeza, i wish u all the best.. ada rezeki insyaAllah everything will sail smoothly...

  3. My prayers be with you.

    At (supposedly) 7 weeks, I couldn't even see any sac. There was nothing. At 8 weeks, there was a tiny sac. Definitely no heartbeat then. 1 month later, we finally saw the baby. Alhamdulillah I'm now 37 weeks. I don't follow my LMP date. I just follow the scan result. And they tally everytime. I guess I just ovulated a little late.

  4. sue, thanks for the wish..
    norley, yup, i pon tak nak buat vaginal-ultrasound.. rasa sungguh mengerikan. so, sekarang ni amik pendekatan kaedah wait n see. thanks for the wish :-)
    farah, i'm not that worry bcos my beta-hcg level seems to be within the range. but still praying that everythings will be in good shape. you too take care.. lagi dua minggu nak melatops tu.. :D.. btw, dah siap jahit basket?