Ahad, 22 November 2009

Big Apple bedsheets

Its been months my sewing corner was left alone with dust. And its kinda sad when you really want to sew but losing the mojo. I did sew few baju kurung(s) for Raya Haji but only managed to finish the baju but never the kain.. been so malas and out of mood.

So in order to start back, I did something that is quick to sew, simple (just sew from one end to the other, no renda and such), nice and practical that is the bedsheets and pillow cases. And YES, this is indeed a very quick sewn projects which I managed to do it within 2 hours. And of course, I'm happy with the outcomes.

Btw, the fabrics was bought in pasar malam in Ipoh for rm3 per meter.



And now, I'm currently doing a new project made with leftover fabrics. (YEAY, I think I've got back my mojo).


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