Khamis, 12 November 2009

Books.. I love books

Yes. And since I love them very much, I bought another. Again from (last month their having 30% discount on selective books). But this time around I was a bit offended with their services. I was about to buy 4 books but 2 was out of stock, thus wanted to change the books which is out of stock to other books BUT unfortunately that method was NOT PERMITTED. But tak pela, at least they refund back my money however I was a bit upset because being kiasu if the out of stock books can be replaced with other books then I can safe on the shipping cost. Hahaha..

Ok.. ok, enuff of craps, these are the books that safely delivered to me:

1. Natural Crochet for babies and toddler by Tina Barret

2. Adorable Crochet for Babies and Toddler by Lesley Stanfield

Yup, I'm buying the crochet books' as I am hooked to do lots and lots of crochet projects for Zahra and the upcoming baby. Wah, tak sabar rasanya nak kait baby booties, baby hat and others. Ngeee...


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