Jumaat, 6 November 2009

November: antara kenangan dan realiti

My next visit to my gynae was scheduled on this coming 17. I’m really looking forward for it: I wanted to know what should I know and see what I should see.

I really hope that this year November is a total different from the last year. Last year was a mess: full of sad weeping stories. No.. I’m not going into that further.

Somebody was asking me: something like did I put myself and the pregnancy in stake? Well, I don’t have any answer for it: not till 17 or until the baby born.

1 ulasan:

  1. oooh..

    kak, pls doa for me..
    seriously. cant bear at all the sadness.
    gelak macam hantu tapi hati kat dlm menjunam ke laut.... -_-