Thursday, November 5, 2009

This time around:

1. I hate baju kurung. Tak suka getah kain menjerut di perut. So, from the day I know I'm going to be a mum for the second time, I started to wear jubah and the previous maternity maxi dress. Nasibla baju mengandung dulu was custom made and design by me, and it doesn't look like maternity dress at all.

2. The perut is so itchy, makes me garu-garu macam beruk - that's one of the reason I hate baju kurung.

3. My sickness is quit bad (compared to carrying Zahra) but these few days I realize its subsided. Unfortunately, when the nausea gone, the constipation comes.

4. I hate asam, jeruk, kekacang and such (masa Zahra dulu, I loved these very much). It tastes so pahit. But, I love green apple to the fullest. Sedap giler rasanyerrr...

5. Benci sangat dengan rumah yang bersepah yet so malas to kemas.

6. Besides green apple, I also fancy eating meat - be it beef or mutton. Suka sangattt.. and I don't like ayam and ikan. Udang can still be accepted.

7. Perfumes is something that a must. Rasa cam nak sembur satu rumah dengan perfumes.

8. My stomach is soo big (macam dah 4 bulan) that I fell like I'm carrying twins or trips. Hahahah - over..


  1. betulla ek org cakap 2nd baby ni perut cepat besar. dah flexible kot. hehe

  2. lemak pon dah bnyk tu berkumpul.. hahaha