Thursday, January 7, 2010

And the lucky person is..

OK. Saat yang dinanti. Based on the comments, I have 33 eligible entries. Thus, I’ll name each and every contestants based on their comment accordance.

These are the participants:
1. Aishah Megahasz
2. HanAs
3. Azrina Mat Talib
4. Dd Lala
5. Sanaa Elias
6. zerol_ewan
7. Lynn Nasir
8. anin
9. lailasani
10. leEya
11. mama zharfan
12. yus
13. Atiqah
14. jom makan
15. limau nipis
16. ieyza
17. myra
18. idafamily
19. UniHariZahin
20. umminabilah
21. eLiEnZ87
23. zai kulim
24. niah
25. Rozy
26. awjan
27. ZiE FAUZi
28. intanloveamir
29. ezan
30. arissa.solehah
31. mamaZura
32. dura
33. Em’s family

OK these are the blocks marking your number. Tak cheat ok- tak de kurang, tak de lebih.

Semua blok tersebut dimasukkan di dalam bekas tertutup.

Shake well.

Pick one for the lucky winner. Tak intai, tak jenguk, tak pilih kasih, OK.

And the lucky winner is:

And wait, I decided to add 3 consolation gift winners (since I have extra 3 ERGObaby coin purses). And the lucky three are:

Thank you all for joining my idealess giftaway. Kepada yang tidak menang, please try again end of this year (I’m planning to do this as an annual event.. insyaAllah).

Nombor-nombor di atas, check your inbox for my eml :-).


  1. hi..
    thanks to neeza tuk giveaway nie..

  2. yeay yeay! i'm the lucky #32!

    dah email my add.
    Thanks babe!

  3. Hoyeay...I'm the no.2 i'm the no.2!!
    Thanks k neeza.. Nanti kalau pakai, leh lah celen coin purse manik2 tu..: p

  4. wah best gak ada giveaway camnie.. hehehe

  5. alaaaa...sipi2 je...
    bagi je lah kat saya apa2 pun..