Sabtu, 23 Januari 2010

Another embroidery stitching

I love embroidery stitching.. those simple lines-stitches. I would love to try something like Durra's did but I'm afraid I'll ruin the cloth. However, I'll try them one day (when I've already bought the book about hand embroidery which happen to be in my wishlist items for this year.. hehehe).

Did I mentioned why I love embroidery stitching? Well, they're really easy-to-do-laying-back-while-watching-television-stitches and the outcomes will basically bring something special to your lame-plain-boring shirt or top.

This is what I did today:
Well I forgot to take the before picture, so this is during (can considered as before):

And this is the outcome:

Up close the motif:

*Motif was obtained from googling in the net.

OK, thats all. Another top lining up to be makeover.. heheh.

Happy weekend, people :-)

7 ulasan:

  1. salam kak neeza,

    alahai..kiut banget itu je. hehe!

  2. K neeza.. Comey,comeey!! xsaba nak tgk yang lain...hehe

  3. Neeza, try la buat pinwheel flower tu. senang sangat.mesti jadi punya..
    ha, baju yg bawah tu, sesuai sulam pinwheel flowers.

    btw, sorry dear i lupa nak bagitau i dah terima hadiah tu. dah pakai dah pon. thanks!

  4. Lynn & Hana, thank you.. tgh buat yg lain ni :)
    Dura, will do. I've bought the books.. nx month will sampai, and will do lotsa hand embroidery.. echeh.. :-) & am glad u like the coin purse..

  5. wow!! neeza I suka sangat embroidery kucing tu alahai comelnya...cantiklah!

  6. kak niza.. macam mana akak buat tu??