Ahad, 31 Januari 2010

Jom Jahit: Sleeveless dress

I desperately wanted to sew and was run out of idea, and happen to stumble upon the Jom Jahit organized by tinihani. I hope it’s not too late for me to join.

There are 4 different attires to sew, and I chose the easiest one: Rixarixa Sleeveless Dress.

And being me I don’t really rely on the pattern given, just cut the fabric and sew based on my gut (and the photo attached, of course).

This is the outcomes:

As you can see, I added a pocket (so that, the dress look nicer) and ruffles (instead of laces) and bias binding to its edges.


This is the first time I’m sewing using zipper for Zahras’ dress. I normally use buttons. So, it looks really odd- it likes sewing a pencil case. Hehehe…

OK, that’s all for now. I’ve seen others and wow, they’re good, no joke.

Happy Sunday, people :-)

8 ulasan:

  1. comelnya dress nih..
    ala.. zahra dh byk dress.. jual la kat aku hat ni..
    muleh la... ::wink wink::

  2. cantiklah neeza! love the fabric!

  3. hai salam kenal..
    cantikla dress ni..
    dah siap pun jahit ye..
    sy yg blum jahit lg ni..huhuhu.....
    fabric tu lawola..ahaks..

  4. Ira, betulke nak.. i can make a new one for ayna.. fabric ni pon ada lebih lagi..
    Zura, saya ingat nak guna zip sorok like urs but the one that I hv sz nye panjang sangat. so ended up, pakai zip biasa saja.
    Zu, fabric beli kat kedai jahit kat bangi jer.. local sajerk..
    Lynn, kadang baju yg kita buat dia kurang teruja nak pakai.. huhuh..

  5. cantik! sukalah corak kain tu...

  6. Neeza..
    serious la ni..
    aku nak! aku nak!