Selasa, 5 Januari 2010

Preparation to quilt

Last year (2009) we’re successfully spent rm1000 for books: which 70% came from me. Buying books is worth since later can deduct the income-tax (MrHubby income tax: my salary is not eligible for me to pay any.. hehehe).

So, this year, I target to buy more and more books especially related on sewing purposes and I started with these two books:

1. Quick colourful Quilts, and
2. Learn to Quilt

This is pre-loved books which I bought from Jessie.

Yup, it’s a quilt books and I planned to do some quilting for baby. Lets see how its going to be later.

3 ulasan:

  1. quilting is nice, end product amat la mahal..hehe!

    semoga berjaya ber-quilt, jgn lupa tempek gambo eks..

  2. pergh....banyak melabur....insyaallah hasilnya berlipatganda nanti..sabar aja..
    tertarik ngan buku iteww.. :)

  3. lynn, tgu...
    kak niah, pelaburan yang berbaloi-baloi.. hehehhe