Isnin, 11 Januari 2010


I bought tis deo and been using for the past few days and it seems to work on me. Yeay! No more ketiak hangit.. hehehe..

9 ulasan:

  1. haaa this is the one i've been using for years :)

  2. same ere.. susah btol nak abes.. kalau jatuh pecah..better beli kecik je..and one more thing..armpit cerah..hahhahaha

  3. Okay, I'm going to confess. I only bought ONE since 2000 something. Sekarang baru nak abis... Tu pun sebab selalu basah. Ever since I started using it, memang takda bau. So eventually I stopped using it and only used it on and off. Recently je baru pakai diligently. Memang betul tahan lama :).

  4. To All, memang nampak sgt tahan lama sbb batu macam tu kan..

    aku beli kat Watson Alamanda.. deo nyer very natural tak de bau but seriusly sgt efektif la.. Aku suka!

  5. aku nk jgk. bosan la pakai deodoran!

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