Jumaat, 22 Januari 2010

Wearing your own made baju..

What’s your opinion?

Last night I sewed another maternity top. Have to, since I’ve outgrown most of my baju. Well, when pregnant for Zahra, as a first baby, my figure doesn’t expand that much. I still can fit the normal size baju kurung(s) even I’ve reached full-term. But now, at 5 months, I can’t fit to anything. So, sew I must (rather than spend money on expensive ready-made maternity attire).

This is the baju that I sewn:

I designed this baju based on one baju that I saw in the mall, and made it slightly bigger, so that I can fit throughout the pregnancy.

As you can see, the neck is a little bit horror: crooked here and there. It’s hard to pay 100% sewing attention to the baju, when hubs not around (he went to work out of town), and having an actively cunning-attention seeker daughter.


Ok, back to the topic.

Someone been asking me, what do I feel wearing own made baju?

I’ve sewn my first ever baju when I was in Form Two, during the Home Economic class. It is a very simple top, and I am pleased to wear the baju here and there. And I remembered at that particular time, our school was having a performance week, and my class decided to do something like choir/choral speaking/synchronized singing. We wanted to wear similar cloths like the boria, and I suggested the top that we’ve sewn for Home Economic class, but everyone was like saying ‘EEWWW’.

And I recalled my Sis saying something like, ‘Yikes, teruknya jahitan ngah. Sanggup tu memakainya..’, referring to my few first baju kurung(s) sewn. I have to admit, the baju kurung was totally a nightmare. Look at the neck. It seems like been sewn by someone who doesn’t have fingers. But still, I wore it to the office.

I don’t know about you people, but I am always proud like a peacock when wearing my own-made baju(s). The feeling was satisfying even the baju was poor sewn BUT of course, I’m not willing to wear anything that out of shape or uneven sleeves length, even I’ve burned the midnight oil to sew them.

Me, in the above baju:

OK, that’s all. Have a great Friday, people :-)

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  1. salam kak neeza,

    lynn baca entry ni dan terasa perasaan bangga akak tu. bangga bukan krn riak, tp self-achievements. patutnye, akak tak perlu pun nk reasoning. tgk entries akak pakai/published baju jahitan sendiri dan zahra pun sama - dh menceritakan semuanya. bg lynn, kepuasan akak mmg 'nampak' la :)

  2. hahaha betul ngahh. baju ngah yg first tu buruk gile kot HAHA sya tak tipu