Isnin, 18 Januari 2010

Welcome to Neeza Needles

As you can see, the blog now has a new name -

It just happen that one of my friend said that why not you name your masterpiece as Neeza Needles as its an awesome name- yup, it rhymes. I'm immediately in love with the names, and wanna keep it to myself thus I bought the domain. But fret not, I'm still using Blogger as my hosting so even you type the old address, you'll be redirecting to this new address. And if you can see, the appearance of the blog still the same, only the address is changed. Well, I guess it clearly stated that I'm not very good with these IT thingies. Hehehe..

I love you readers very much, YES, I do. Keep on dropping, peeking and commenting. Your stays make my day. :)

3 ulasan:

  1. salam kak neeza,

    vah-vah..syabbas bettey..ahaks! asik mende ni aku komen.

    nway, semoga lebih byk creations coming..but dunot forget ur rest :)

  2. cute name.. memang seswai sesangat.. all the best!!