Rabu, 20 Januari 2010

While I was on leave

Yup, I'm not working today, and am still not fully recovered. But having sitting at home doing nothing seems very boring. So, while attending my DD watching tv, I cut some fabrics: those fabrics than I've planned earlier to make another maternity top. After cutting those, I became energetic later to find myself in the studio, sitting in front of the sewing machine, sewing.

This is the outcome:

I used the same pattern like the previous maternity top but substituted the fabric to cotton- much easier to sew.

And tomorrow, I'll have a new top to go to the office. :-)

3 ulasan:

  1. haa,terus pakai tu hari ni! Mmg xsia2 la menjahitnyer..
    Pasni watla pesen jubah plak.. pakai tudung ekin like style..
    Wah model hajaba sungguh!!
    (with cost much less than a hundred or mybe 50!!)

  2. Do u have any VDO tutorial on how to make ur dress? And also, Please advice if the sewing machine u r using is good for beginner?