Khamis, 21 Januari 2010

Who am I

In this ‘ideal’ cyberworld I would love to declare myself as a professional sewist cum designer, BUT in the real life, I am just simply a..


Yup, that’s what I do for living.

This is me in my office- on my desk to be exact. Notice the baju that I’m wearing? Hehehe..

And this is my lab section: I’m officer in charge of the Blood Bank Unit. Not much with the germs though, more on human blood and such.

My technicians and me.

I love my work, and I also love being at home with my kid(s), doing housework and of course, stay awake in the studio making stuff. Maybe one day, on a very one fine lovely day, when the guts finally arrive, I’ll have the courage to stand in front handling the letter of resignation to my boss. :-)

OK, that’s all. So, besides being a crafter, what you do for living (for real)?

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  1. salam kak neeza,

    utk sorg microbiologist, bukankah handle blood a bit easy stuff for u? i mean..kan best kalo bleh main ngan apa2 yg mikrob la :)

    i'm an avid baker for the family. amik tempahan sekali-sekala (blum bleh fulltime lg). going to have my own business from home tak lama lg. pray for me :)

  2. kerja kita lebih kurang,duduk dalam lab

    saya research assistant aje la tapi

    research pasal fish health

    buat PCR,cell culture semua tu :)

  3. i'm a labrat too. thinking of doing craft again after a looong hiatus :p

  4. I'm a teacher, majoring in English, i thought in UiTM shah alam before i quit and left everything to come to Japan, now i teach in kindy and schools (i work less than 10hrs a week), the rest of the time i'm in my sewing 'lab' :D (hopefully, i dont ever have to go back to fulltime job)

  5. wah.. ramai jugak yer ahli sains yang berbakat dlm craft ni.. bagus-bagus.. heheheh.. :D

    sue, alamak malula plak saya, my English is not that good.. mana yang salah dari segi tatabahasa tu abaikan jela, yer.. hihihi.. ;)

  6. Neeza - English is not our mother tongue, and yet we are able to write and converse in the language fluently and ppl around us understand us.. That's waaaaaaaayyyy better than not trying at all.. kan? plus you should hear the Japanese's English.. uhuhuhu

  7. im an engineer in a lab, so boleh panggil lab rat jugak kah?


    kak neeza, my s/mc dah nak berabuk camne ni??

  8. yum.. btul ke dah berabuk? tak caya lah.. ntah nya memacam dah buat, tak nak tayang jer.. haa, cepat ckp YE.. ekekek..