Isnin, 1 Februari 2010

A visit to the Singer HQ, PJ

OK, I’m not working. Putrajaya celebrating the Hari Wilayah, and as a Putrajaya citizen whose work in Selangor, I have to take leave – taska closed today.

Since, I’ve nothing to do, and hubby left the car, so, my lil-bodyguard and I, off to jalan-jalan. At first I've only planned to go to Subang, I need to buy something (preparation for my confinement period later in June), but since we’re already there, I suddenly thinking to drop by the Singer HQ. Nope, both of my machines are in perfect health, I just wanted to go there to have a peek on any sewing accessories.

And going there was actually a bad idea. A very bad idea, indeed, as I spent nearly rm100 at the Singer Boutique (btw, the size of the boutique is way smaller compare to my sewing studio).. hehehe..

This is what I bought:
Concealed zipper foot

Cording foot

Wide hem foot

Look at the different from the previous one that I bought at Singer Kajang (narrow hem foot- the left one).

Wide hem foot is much bigger, and suitable for thicker fabric (compared to narrow hem foot)

Walking foot for quilting (this is the most expensive foot: rm75)

Sewing machines needles

OK, that’s all for today. My body is arching, need to get some rest. Traffic was really horrible. People from Wilayah must taken this holiday opportunity to congest the road (which included ME). Hehehe.. :-)

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  1. oohh la la..since we have identical machine I nak gi situ gak lah! hehe...neeza, walking foot tu memang boleh fit Singer Confidence ya? kita tak payah bring the machine there to fit it kan? huhu...I need one perhaps next month nak beli...kat mana HQ singer ni ya?

  2. Zura, I havent try yet but the seller said that foot fit the machine (singer 7series).. but its not clip on.. kena bukak and pasang ganti the whole feet.

    Singer HQ ni kat Jalan 51/217 off Jalan Pencala. Its quite hard nak cari if you're not familiar with PJ (somewhere dekat Assunta school). U'll need GPS if u're not good with mapping and direction.

    I'll give you an eml. :-)

  3. bestnye...boleh tukar-tukar "kaki",saya pun nak cari la hem foot tu..

    best best!

  4. neeza, nyonya tu very helpfull kan. if i'm not mistaken nama dia Patricia.masa i pegi sana dulu, dia lah yang ajarkan i buat itu ini.siap suruh pegi lagi nak tunjukkan jahit sequin guna serger machine. tapi itu la, leceh lah nak pegi situ..

  5. Dila, memang best bole tuka-tuka 'kaki'.. memudahkan proses menjahit.. memang best :-)
    Dura, alamak, mine encounter different situation plak. She indeed very ramah (macam-macam dia nak cerita) but not that helpful enuff. Mungkin miscommunication kot. I asked her kot la ada lain-lain feet yg suitable with the machine (besides the above feet yg i beli) and she insisted nak tahu feet apa? kita tanya dia, dia tanya kita balik.. hehehe...

    tapi memang leceh nak pigi situ, i pon pakai redah jer (ingat-ingat dia nyer place tru google map somewhere near assunta school) pusing-pusing PJ. huh..