Jumaat, 19 Februari 2010

Blindhem stitch

a.k.a. jahitan sembat susup but using the machine effect.

A friend of mine asked me to alter her newly bought pants and I've used the blindhem stitch effect for hemming. Thus, I took the oppurtunity to make a simple tutorial on how to use the blindhem stitch.

You need to have the blind stitch foot plus your machine was provided with the blindhem stitches.

1. First, you can either finish the raw edge by using overedge stitches or overlocking machine, or simply fold the fabrics if you don't have one.

2. Fold the fabric, press and pin in place.

3. Then, fold underside and place the fabric under the foot.

4. Adjust the adjustable-guide to your desired length and width.

5. Sew slowly, guiding the fabric carefully along the edge and the guide.

6. Completed. Stitching is almost invisible on the right side of the fabric (if using the similar thread color).

This kind of stictching is very handful for me to sew the baju kurung edges: no need to jahit tangan.

OK, Happy Friday people and have a productive weekend ahead ;)


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  1. weh besnyee mesin tuuu..nape rasa nak beli mesin camtu plakkkkk haa???

  2. *ayat-ayat setan* :
    ala, u let go la mesin lama kat mudah.com.. bole amik yang baru.. >:)


  3. wow!! thx for the tute Neeza. I have the foot and the blind hem stitch function on my machine, but tak pandai nak gaya kan ropa mana.. :D bley la try lepas nie.. Thanks again!!

  4. wah..best! saya suka! bley ar g cari sutir.

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  6. Sue, bole try.. senang sangat :)
    Nad, foot tu memang dah equip dengan mesin tu.. tak payah cari lain kat kedai.. ce check tgk..

  7. anon,

    spammer will be deleted.. sorry..

  8. wow.. great tutorial.. saya pun tak terbayang caranya.. itu mcm rupanya.. neeza guna mesin jahit apa ek?