Isnin, 1 Februari 2010

Camera cover

Another sewing attempt to fix the damage.

This time around the damage was the camera cover:

For note, this is the first time I sewed bag/pouch or such. Please excuse the gruesomeness.

The inner part of the cover:

The edges of the cover were sewn using edging machine. It looks stiff because I sandwiched the fabric with thin sponge, so that it gave cushion protection to my camera.

The outer part of the cover:

I sewed Velcro (hooks and loops) as sealer.

The camera and the new cover:

Not so good looking, right? But I guess it’ll serve the purpose for the time being. I’ll make a new one if time permit.


3 ulasan:

  1. It's a good first attempt. try keyka lou's cover:
    though it says cell-phone cover, it comes in 2 sizes..

  2. niah, menjahit sendiri ni memang banyak jimat nye.. ekeke..
    sue, thanks for the link. i've save them. thank you.. thank you :-)