Selasa, 2 Februari 2010

Sewing list for LB

LB is the belly-baby. I called him (wah, confident sungguh dapat baby boy nih.. heheh) LB, as acronym for Lucky Baby. Yup, he’s the lucky ones, as I am fortunate enough to successfully getting pregnant 6 months after my chemotherapy ended. Yes, reader, I was sick (but not major, it’s not Ca) last year due to having molar pregnancy. The rest of the story you can read it here.

As I previously mentioned, the list kept on growing, and I haven’t yet to start on anything. So, to make it realize I need to jot it here.

  1. Baby bedding set*
  2. Nursing pillow for me*
  3. Pillow cases
  4. Baby bed sheets
  5. Baby abdominal binder
  6. Mittens and socks
  7. Swaddle
  8. Baby quilt throw
  9. Diaper bag
  10. Cloth diapers for newborn

*must remember myself to buy the kekabu when going back to Terengganu.

Ok, that’s all I can think for now. Hope that there’ll be no additional items on the list.

For note, today I am at 22 weeks. You're welcome to call me Fatty Neeza.


2 ulasan:

  1. moga2 dpt boy..aminn..

    btw, baju yg u pakai tu,jahit sendiri ke?

  2. thanks Dura, insya Allah.. ameenn..

    oh, baju tu i x jahit, tu baju lama, zaman Zahra dulu: zaman x de mesin jait lagi.. hehehe..