Rabu, 26 Mei 2010

Crayon rollsssssssssss.....

Remember we once have this 'Sew along aka Jom jahit' organized by TiniHani which we are suppose to make pencil/crayon/brush roll? Well I made myself a sewing tools roll: here, to refresh back your mind.

Well, just very recent, I've been approached by a customer to sew a crayon rolls for her kids birthday bash. This is how it looks, basically:

And whats up with the Ss on the title? Well, I have to sew not one but 80 pieces of them.. Yup, its a huge custom order, however, I am glad to make it for her.

Big thanks to Mr Jack and the new swivel chair for making my sewing life pretty much easier. Can't really imagine sewing without them.. heheheh..

OK, have to be back on the studio to do other stuff, again for my beloved customers who put their trust on me. Thank you, guys. Love uol very much :).
And of course my blog-readers, I love you too..


5 ulasan:

  1. WOW!! 80 rolls!!! that's a lot.. i dont think i've ever sewn 20 let alone 80 of anything..how do you do it without falling asleep.. :D I have very low attention span.. i get bored easily esp looking at the same thing for long period..
    Hey, but congrats on the job well done.. take it easy kay :D selamat bercuti

  2. cayalah neeza! dlm susah payah nak adjust perut tu pon boleh siapkan 80 rolls.. tp, brilliant idea la for birthday goodies.. pandai customer ko tu pilih!

  3. Sue, Ira,
    Thanks. I purposely accept the orders to kill the time. Boring jugak dok rumah tak de buat apa.

  4. salam,
    i just sent u an email.