Isnin, 24 Mei 2010

On Tops of that

Last week, I went for my routine antenatal check-up and complaint to my Gynae that I am having on and off back pain. She gave me 2 days of MC and despite of having a rest at home, I took that opportunity to sew more. Hehehe..

These are the tops that I sewed for one of my customer. She is so petite and cute, which makes the baju didn’t fit with my mannequin. The blue tops have pleated on the chest (around the bustier) while the gray one having zipper in front, substituted with buttons.

She received both baju(s) today, and she seems to be happy with the both tops :)

I’ve already on my maternity leaves starting from this week onwards even though my EDD is on the 7th June. Since sitting at home doing nothing and being passive is not a very good activity (well, at least for me), I’ve accepted an order from fellow customer to sew something for her children birthday party. It was indeed a huge order and I am still working on it. Once I finished, I’ll show the outcomes.

And regarding my back pain, the pain did come and go, and I blamed on the chair that I’ve been using to sew. Thus, annoyed with my complaint (about the back pain and the uncomfortable chair), hubby brought me to the furniture shop and finally I got a new ergonomic swivel chair. And I am of course very happy with the chair and it does boost my spirit to stay longer in the studio to sew more.


And you peeps, have a nice day ahead.


4 ulasan:

  1. cantik! :)

    nak order utk nine...

  2. waa.. canggih kerusi menjahit dia! rajin lagi menjahit time dah dekat nak deliver nih.. nways wishing u safe delivery. bestnya nak dapat baby..!

  3. shinichi, bole no hal.. heheheh :)
    nai, thanks for the wish.. berdebar-debar nak tambah ahli keluarga ni.. hehehe

  4. amboi..kerusi baru dr kekanda :p