Ahad, 13 Jun 2010

Delivery pain is indescribable painful…

At least that is what I felt.

Since I don’t have any sewing project at the moment, let me story about myself here (rather than leaving this blog without any update for a long period, plus is kinda boring just sitting/lying around during this confinement period).

Let’s start with the delivery story. Btw, I love reading other people delivery experience: the pain, the tears and the joy. So before I forget mine, let’s recap.

Well, its Saturday (5 June 2010) and as usual when weekend or not working, I'll be continue to sleep after the Subh. And as usual as well, before going to sleep I'll be playing with my phone, checking on any new twits, fb statuses, browsing net or simply playing games. However, that morning I started to feel pain (just like the period pain) coming on and off. I decided to sleep then in order not to focus on the pain and at 9am I woke up feeling the pain getting intense. I went to the toilet to check any blood stain or discharge however disappointed to see none. The pain still there, and as I believed in my instinct (that i am going to deliver very soon) I started to clean the house. And at eleven, I am very sure that there is a pink stains and a gush of water (I bet its my amniotic water) coming out from my vjj, a sign that I am about to see my baby any soon.

At 1pm, after settling with the house-chores, we headed to the Prince Court Medical Centre. Upon reaching, we going straight to the labor room, and the midwifes quickly put me on the ctg to see the progress. To my surprise, they said that there seems to be no contraction at all as the baby is actively moving, and when they did the ve, I am only 1cm dilated. They predicted that I might having a false alarm and advised us to go back home since they forecast that I might not going to deliver any soon. I was confused then as I am sure the intense feeling that I felt is the contraction, and since there’s a leak and blood stain, I opted to be warded.

So, I stayed in while hubby and Zahra went back home to Putrajaya. He did that as he said that I might need my own sweet time to rest. When I was alone, I tried hard to sleep, but the pain really bothered me. And as the pain seems not going away, I recorded the time: starting at 5.30pm and its getting stronger towards 7.30pm, where I was sweating, rolling in bed, struggling alone in pain. And I finally decided to press the red button calling for the nurse. The nurse approached and without further explain I showed her the time that I’ve recorded and she quickly called the midwife to have a check on me.

8pm and the midwife came with the ctg machine. She put it all up, waited for the machine to give some reading and she concluded that I might have slight contraction. She then did the v.e. and to her surprised, she said that I am already 4cm dilated. I, meanwhile was shivering in pain, can’t talk, and can’t even move. Yup, telling the truth this is the first time I deal with such terribly pain as Zahra was born via C-sect. The midwife then suggested that I should take the epidural and I agreed instantly.

9.30pm, I’ve already back in the labor room, waited impatiently for the Anaestatic to arrive to give me the epidural shot. Every single minute passes was torturing where I cried silently. He arrived at 9.45pm and I am sure I was smiling when he pricked on my back. 10 minutes or later the drug worked perfectly and while waiting to fully dilated, I slept like a baby.

11pm, hubby and Zahra arrived from home. I was 50% dilated and the midwife predicted that I might gave birth at 2-3 in the morning, which I was happy to hear that, as at that time Zahra would already in the lalaland, so that hubby can accompany me in the laboring process.

12.45am, time for another v.e. checking. And OMG, I’ve already 9cm dilated. Midwife said that I might deliver very soon, and she asked me to call in my hubby. I smsed him and was happy to know that Zahra’s already in lalaland.

1.00am, I am now fully dilated. Midwife said that try to hold and not to push as my Obygene still not yet arrive. I, even though feeling numb (due to the epidural effect) still can felt the surged to push (feeling like you wanna go to toilet for pooping right and then).

1.15am, Dr Seri arrived and by 1.20am she was ready to seize my baby. They put my leg up, and the team (Dr, two midwifes, a nurse plus my supportive hubby) start to cheer: OK, PUSHHH… PUSHHH.. GOOOODDD… TAKE ANOTHER BREATH… PUSSSHHHHH…. SIKIT JE LAGI… SIKIT JE LAGIIIII… OK PUSHHHHH LAGIIIIII.. LAGIIIII…SIKIT JE LAGIII.. YOU DOING IT GREAT.. PANDAI.. PANDAI SANGAT… ANOTHER ONE LAST PUSH… PUSHHHH…. AND

Alhamdullilah at 1.30am, he pop out. No episiotomy, very-very minimal tear, so no stitches at all. Dr put him on my tummy and I was in tears staring at his face. A gift from heaven.-That is all I can think of.

Hubby was then asked to cut his umbilical cord, and the nurses then quickly trying to clean him up. He is such a quite baby as I’ve wondered why he still not crying. He then took his first breath by coughing, cried a little bit and then stayed being silent. As he’s totally clean, hubby holds him for azan and iqamah recited. And again, I cried.

And the birth pain, gone in a second I saw his face. :)

Today, he is a week young. We named him Hamza.


These are some photos that I would like to share with you my blog readers. Enjoice…

Upon arriving: at the labor room

No sign of labor? Transferred to ward..


Moment before I am being asked to PUSSSHHHHHHHH... (muka tenang sebab epidural. heheh)

Nurses were busy cleaning him up.

3.308 kg, bebeh

My Obigene

Room with a nice view :-)


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  1. Tak aci. Kalau macam ni I pun nak menjahit la.. Baru la tak kena jahit.. :P

  2. hai neeza, alhamdulillah semua selamat.
    blog hop dr blog syigim.
    take care & selamat berpantang!

  3. rupa hilawati la ko punya obigene tuh hihih... bestnye x kena jahit sbb sakitnya jahit lagi mengalahkan sakit bersalin huhu :)

  4. farrah, LOL..
    Kak Arin, Thanks for droppin by :D
    Shinichi, ye.. sgt best :).. haah, ble ko ckp, baru aku prasan.. tp Dr tu mmg best la.. aku suka sgt!!!

  5. An, congrates on arrival of Hamza, sorry lmbt wish.. ;).. Hehe..nurses kat PCMC mmg gitu.. kalau contraction sikit2 even kerap n jalan x buka, dia suh balik dulu. They rarely bother the gynae tau.. Aku ari tuh sampai dh buka 8cm, aku suh panggil jugak Dr.seri coz previuos experience, kalau dh buka 8cm, mmg dlm 5-10 minit akan rasa nk push. Nurse tuh degil gak tak nak panggil.

    Pastu 5 minit kemudian aku rasa nk push sgt, baru kalut nk panggil Dr. Seri. huhuuu.. pastu suh tunggu jgn push..

    Nway, overall experience mmg best kan bersalin situ. Haha..org tak de marah2 atau sound2 ker.. heehehe...

  6. aja, thanks. pcmc mmg rowks! heheheh..

  7. isk isk isk.. terharu.. i love birth story . bestnya tak kena jahit pun!!!!! alhamdulilah.. hope my labour will be easy like yours.. and hope zahraa will behave mcm zahra jugak :D

  8. salam,

    seronotnya merasa epidural..saya takde pun. sampai ke sudah le merasa contraction. masa taip ni pun masih terasa-rasa..hehe! dan kena stitches gak walopun nurse kata cuma koyak sikit..idup-idup kena jahit..

  9. Congrates neeza.. baby sangat comel.. (lambatnye wish, dah lama x jenguk sini)

    macam2 experience during childbirth ni ye (saya telah membaca cerita u dgn suspen, sampai last tergenang airmata!emo ok hahahah)

    dialog masa push tu macam sama je. i dah 3x dengar. nanti tengok InsyaAllah dengar lagi sekali akhir tahun.

    adakah sgt relax dengan epidural? nak jugak try.. last times mine was 2x normal w petidine + 1x normal wo any. tapi rasa sama je so i dah fikir rasa sakit yang dapat tu byk ke sikit cam rezeki dah. tp one obigene pernah comment my pain tolerance quite high, and last time i bersalin obigene leh tak sangka i gagah sgt push despite muka dah jadi merah menyala. tu la pasal everytime obigene tak advise epidural kot..

    yang penting lepas tengok baby, lega tak terkata kan.. bagi yang ada luka perineum, as long as ubat bius masa jahit tu ada lagi. lepas tu... at least first 10 days nak gerak 1 inch pun huhu tu yang orang kata lagi sakit dari bersalin i.e sakit yang dah dilupakan lepas tengok muka baby yang comel.

    err panjangnya komen. sorry.. terexcited masuk sini tengok neeza dah bersalin.

  10. hai neeza...suka juga baca crite org deliver. Tp you should try it without epidural...hihihi...lg masyuk rasa nye.

    Me anak first x amik ubat pe2 pon. Nurse tanya nk ubat x, I tot dia mean epidural so trus ckp x nk sbb penah dgr epidural ni dh tua sket nt ada side effect (tp x tau pe effect dia). So just dpt ubat sedut cm sedut oksigen tu (ke tu mmg oksigen je? Kehkeh...serious x tau. Yg tau cpt la baby ni kuar).

    Yg 2nd apa2 ubat pon x sempat. Smpai hosp. sblm g labor room doc n nurse cek, after 30 trus rasa nk teran, g labor room doc pecahkn dlu air ketuban lps tu terus teran n bb pon kuar. Ingatkn anak 2nd ni nk amik ubat yg nurse tu offer masa yg first dlu...x sempat la plak...

    Sakit mmg sakit kn? But itulh moment yg rasanya paling precious drpd graduation, birthday surprises, job promotion, even wedding (to me lh sbb wedding kite biasa2 je x grand pon).

    So, enjoy life...n take care

  11. Lynn, Nai, Fiza.. thanks for the wish :D